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Soft Topper Retractable Camper Top Cap


The Softopper is undoubtedly the most versatile truck topper on the market today. With a Softopper you can have the best of both worlds. You can protect your cargo from the elements but still have full use of your truck bed just moments later. One person can easily retract (open) or close the convertible truck cap in about a minute, so you can have a fulltime cap or a cap on fulltime standby. The entire unit weighs between 34 - 49 lbs ( depending on model), so it is easily handled by anyone.

Features & Benefits:

  • Collapses forward and out of the way in seconds allowing complete bed access.
  • Industry leading Fabric (unbeatable durability and colorfastness) in 3 colors.
  • Lightweight yet durable aluminum frame.
  • Initial Install takes under an hour, All hardware included.
  • No need to drill into your truck.
  • Side and rear panels easily fold up in collapsed position.
  • No need to remove panels and find a place to store them.
  • One person can easily retract and remove or re-install in a minute or two
  • Drive with side and rear panels rolled up or fastened down
  • Industry leading Warranty, (Softopper stands behind itís products)

The Softopper is compatible with the following manufactures:

Chevy * Dodge * Ford * GMC * Isuzu * Mazda * Nissan * Toyota

Sale Price:
Avalanche $679.00

DAK63 $649.00
DAK77 $679.00
DR74 $679.00
FL96 $699.00
FS75 $679.00
FS78 $679.00
FS78 Stepside $679.00
FSSH68 $679.00

FTCC65 $679.00
M55 $649.00
M72 $649.00
MS72 Stepside $649.00
M84 $679.00
NF58 $649.00
Ridgeline $679.00

SD80 $699.00
SD97 $699.00
ST50 (Sport Trac) $649.00
TAC73 $649.00
TCCC60 $649.00
TN73 $649.00

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