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Example of a Stepside / Flairside truck bed



Please note: The wheel wells are on the out side of the truck bed and there are steps located on both sides.

Please Note: There are not wheel wells located on the inside of this truck and the side wall of the bed is straight.


30 day warrantee

The Sportz Truck Tent is fully equipped with shock corded fiberglass poles and assembly, use/care instructions. This tent carries a one year manufacturer warranty from manufacturer's defects and is available in seven models to fit virtually every pick-up truck .Set-up Instructions

The patented nylon dome tent custom fits into the box of your pick-up truck. It is constructed from durable P.U. coated nylon with polyethylene meshed floor. The truck tent is large and spacious. It is completely self contained with inner sides and floor for comfort. Excellent ventilation is provided by large mesh windows and a uniquely designed aircraft D-shaped door. Comes with a rain fly that can be set up on the tent of left off. Also has a caring bag large enough to fit an air mattress in.

No Longer Available

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